Foster Application


Would you like to help save lives and provide cats a chance for a life of love and care that they otherwise may not have?  Would you be willing to share your heart and home with very special kitties that need you?  If you would like to help foster cats and/or kittens on an on-going basis in your home, PLEASE join us.

Fostering cats is a wonderful, heartwarming experience.  You are giving the cats you foster a chance for a new life; a loving life; a caring life that they might not otherwise have.  Rescued cats come from all kinds of circumstances and very often need time in a loving home environment before they are ready to be adopted.  Some have just lost the only home they have ever known.  Some are ill or injured.  Some are recovering from surgery.  Some are pregnant.  Some are too young.  Some have been abandoned and have been living outdoors, doing the best they can to fend for themselves.  There are a plethora of different needs and different cats that need assistance – but they all have one thing in common – they all need care.  They all need loving foster homes.  And we need you so we can help them.
What does fostering entail?
Mountain Cats TNR, INC takes care of all the medical expenses, food, litter and supplies for our foster cats.  We look to our fosters to provide patience and love.  You won't be alone. Our network of volunteers can answer questions that may come up. We will incorporate the knowledge you have gained from caring for your foster cat and use that information about personality and preferences to do our best to ensure that the forever home is a good fit for that particular cat. We encourage our volunteers to attend adoption events with their foster.  You will be rewarded by the promise the cat(s) you have been fostering will now have a life of love and care and comfort – because of you!
Fostering is a very rewarding experience and we would love (be delighted) to have you join us.